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Technology is no longer a luxury but a necessity in today’s changing hospitality landscape. Computing data is now more important than ever because of the weight of the data that flows for any given process, during any point of time. Hotels process a lot of data, on any given day- be it independent hotels or chains. From the number of reservations that take place to the requests raised by guests, to stocking up on inventory, the list is endless.

The advantage of mining this data is simple. To read patterns and behaviours in a particular time frame and offer predictions to optimise the way a particular process needs to be run. The misconception, though, is that data mining isn’t something that’s of importance to medium to smaller properties. It is true that the larger chain hotels use data to predict fluctuations in the inflow of reservations and the outflow of materials to optimise allocation and purchase simultaneously. You could say it’s a more statistical approach towards increasing revenue.

But that’s not all on how technology helps. New-age hoteliers are focusing on more than just predictive insights to run their hotels. Operational efficiency is also a concern as the man-hours saved and the optimum use of manpower also contribute to how profitable your hotel can be. Stepping away from the revenue earning streams, branding and advertising standpoints for hotels also contribute a lot to its success. Technology is also working in areas of increasing online reputation, guest experience and also the centralised access to data which helps in decision making.

In an attempt to plot out the view of hoteliers on technology and its use in their hotels, here is a quick survey that will help us get a better understanding of how technology is playing a role in your daily hotel operations. The results of the survey will be shared with you soon after we have compiled this data. Here is a link to the survey.

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To benefit from the advance technology, the vacation rental property management system needs to use the automated system and online tools that helps them to save money and time.

Property maintenance is an importance task in the hands of those who owns or manage properties for renting purposes. Vacation rental property management is one of the property management features which are popularized due to a recent demand for properties which could be let out for a short time. Most of the property of the vacation rental caters the consumers who are looking out for place to stay to spent their holiday or vacation. However, in recent times consumers are turning to internet to book their rental properties as the property management firms are charging the clients as much as 45% of the rental property’s income which is somewhat a good amount looking at the recent amount of rent for these properties.

There are numerous vacation rental property management firms which are offering vacation home owners to advertise their rental property on their websites as customers looking for such properties go to such website to find out the perspective house or property. Many vacation rental property owners feel that the property managers are not very much effective to get their properties booked to produce enough rent; hence it is good for them to promote their vacation rental property on online portals.

However, the vacation home owners find it difficult to do the tasks like replying to inquiries, sending invoices and rental agreement and at the same time updating availability of the property and the calendar. This adds up to the task of the property owner, if think of replacing the vacation rental property management firm. Eventually, they need to bear the burden of above work. But it can be solved with the help of the property management tools which can reduce the activities.


There are different vacation rental management tools that vacation property owners must utilize in order to save the money and time.

1. Online Booking and Reservations Management System

Since most of the consumers are looking for vacation properties online, it is profitable for the owners to have online booking and reservation management system to avoid the involvement of vacation rental property firms. This provides the owners with the benefit of instant booking and reservation; you are increasing the chances of business.

The integrated online booking and reservation also makes the payment easier as the customers can always pay the rent amount by using their credit cards. These services provide owners with instant rate quote, taxes.

2. Auto-Updating Availability Calendars

Another feature which adds feather to the vacation rental property management is the automatic update of availability which allows the customers to see the actual status of the property. The benefit that it brings to you is that you can manage your vacation home property’s available calendar which self-update calendar integrated with the booking and reservation system. When you accept a booking through the automated system, the availability calendar automatically mark the dates as booked and makes that date unavailable for booking. It saves you from crowding your property.

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For a rental property manager the latest and advance tools help him to do all the tedious jobs related to property renting with quite ease. The web based vacation property management software makes it more helpful.

Property management is one of the tedious jobs with so much of paper work and information. When it comes to vacation property management the job gets more difficult for the rental managers. It can be more difficult and horrible in the absence of the modern tools available to handle the rental property. Imagine, if you are organizing reservation and bookings over the phone and doing everything manually. We guess, you will sense the nightmare. The good thing is you do not have to go through this nightmare.

With the introduction of software in managing vacation property through rental software you can feel the ease at work. This vacation property management software is outstanding piece of advance technology that allows you to quicken reservation, payments, information, dissemination, fees and many other things within few minutes. The software allows you to install it on your website and update the information of the property accordingly. It helps your customers to get all the vital information about the status of properties on a glance on the website.

The vacation property management software is easy to download or it can be used in its web-based form. There are different options in both types of the software but it is always advantageous to use the web based tool for greater advantage.

One of the most vital reasons which make the web based vacation property management software more accessible from anywhere and always. For this what you will need is an internet connection and you can easily manage all properties belong to you from any place of the world. Even you are out for business conferences and holidays, you can make reservation update on set timing, with stay policies can be changed too, it serves better and most interesting software. Even the customers can see the freshest of the property advertisement.

Of course accessibility is not the only thing that you will find with the web based vacation property management software. Web tools automatically update the software package and this takes away the headache of updating the software every now and then. The vacation property management software which is based on web doesn’t require too much of bandwidth because the software providers host all the tools themselves. Hence, you do not require paying for the upgrade.

Other than this the developers of the software takes care of the online tools, the cost and complexities of maintenance. The web tool provides you software as a service (SAAS). Here you do not require paying someone else to monitor the software. There are not expensive upgrades.

Most importantly the advantage of using the internet based tool is the ease of use. You do not go though difficulties of installation and integration on the system. These online tools are way easier that if you follow the instructions you can easily do it all by yourself. Hence it is always good to use the web based vocational property management software than the other.

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To purchase software to manage your hotel is otherwise an easy task if you know well what features you need to look into hotel management software. The features of hotel management software are discussed here.

Since your hotel demands the implementation of the hotel management software as you are finding it difficult to handle everything manually. It is a great idea to spend some amount and bring on an automated system in place to handle the day to day activities of the hotel. This will not only save a great deal of time but also manages to reduce expenses on different avoidable things of a hotel management system.

When you have made up your mind to purchase the hotel management software to implement into your hotel to enhance the reputation of your hotel you are require to check features of the software. There are certain features which is essential in hotel management software other than that a lot of software offer customization features which reduce future troubles. Future trouble indicates the market situation in the days to come. You very well know that no market goes unchanged. There is always fluctuation in market as well as there is reduction and addition of property in your hotel too. To cope with all these future possibilities you have to have hotel management software that gives you the freedom to amend and change the features in time of need.

However there are still some very important features of hotel management software which needs to be there apart from customization possibilities:

Front Desk Management: In any service related business, the front desk plays an important and vital role in distributing itineraries to get the task done on time and in a better way. Front desk otherwise is most busy system or department in a hotel management system. The guests arrive at the front desk and leave at the front desk. The check ins and check outs are facilitated at the front desk department. Hence the front desk management in hotel business is the nucleus point.  Such an important place requires being handles accordingly and managed effectively so that no guest feels irritated.

Managing of the front desk automatically needs to be done for effective working of the hotel staff. This is a vital feature of hotel management software without which you might find yourself in haze.

Online Reservation & Booking Management: Earlier the booking and reservation pattern in the hotel management system was quite haywire. Too much commission was paid to the travel agents to get customers but with the arrival of internet and online reservation through software hotel management finds their business more profitable. It reduces the third party intervention in the business. The direct sales mean higher profits. The hotel management software without online reservation and booking management would be ineffective.

Housekeeping Management: To put every room in better shape and well prepared the hotel management requires the help of the housekeeping. The housekeeping management deals with the cleaning, hygiene and preparation of the rooms before the arrival of a guest. The feature of hotel management software which includes housekeeping management assures that you have an automated system to communicate the housekeeping about the check out and arriving guests into the hotel.


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It is always good to implement automated system in your business. It allows you to manage things more efficiently and effectively. The best property management software is one in the line of property management which benefits the hotels in creating a better system in their hotels.


It is time hospitality management should look into the technology to boost their income and profit share by having excellent property management software. You would be thinking when hotel properties were handled efficiently by the manual system of the hotels what is the need of the software to do the task. No doubt human management has handled the hospitality or hotel effectively but developing a more subtle system to enhance the efficiency of the hotels is always welcomed. The automated system brings in a system which can record, confirm and report automatically within no time can be any day better from the earlier system of management of the property.

Since the internet has created a new dimension in the hotel business it is the right time for you to look at the changes that you can make to bring a little more effective and efficient management. Hotels mostly rely on the accommodation and lodging. Hence, it is necessary for them to keep the property clean and hygienic. This could be only possible when a seamless system is in place. When everyone knows their job and timely they are directed to complete the task which would get the consumer satisfied and pleased with the hotel management. The hotel business mostly runs on the consumer’s satisfaction on the services. Any visitor or guest into your hotel would like to get attention. He/she would start cribbing if anything gets late or a place is unhygienic. This affects the reputation of the hotel. You must understand that more than any other kind of promotion, the word of mouth goes farther than you could really expect.

When a lot of hotels are running into the business, making competition tougher every passing day, it is obviously a sane idea to use the best property management software to deal with the day to day work of the hotel business.

Features of best property management software:

The first thing and foremost important when you are willing to give the property management software a chance is to look into the features which is offered with the software. Best of the property management software will provide you the freedom of customization, by which you can timely change or amend the features required by your business.

The task of the best property management software is to record everything happening in the hotel business which also consist the reservation, booking, invoice, front desk etc. It develops a better communication with the housekeeping department of the hotel. Being online software it allows access to the staff to check the developments pertinent to the property i.e. occupancy and arrivals of the new guests.

It gives you the advantage of editing from your display screen. You can update the status in booking and reservation within no time without any hiccups. This gives your customer a lot of comfort when they come to book or reserve accommodation in your hotel. These features help you to develop a long lasting relationship with your customers.

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